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Site Acquisition

Site Acquisition

We handle all aspects of site acquisition, and start with a comprehensive analysis of site conditions, local laws, regulatory requirements, environmental concerns and construction obstacles. We ensure there are no hidden surprises. Most importantly, we understand the critical role of accurate forecasting and reporting of milestone delivery dates. In short, we outline our delivery commitments and meet them.

  • Site identification

  • Lease negotiation and execution

  • Easements and ROW agreements

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Zoning and permitting

  • Community outreach

  • Project management

Site Acquisition Services include:

Airosmith Engineering

Airosmith Engineering

All engineering is provided through our licensed entity, Airosmith Engineering.  Airosmith Engineering consists of licensed engineers and a team of professionals that are capable of all aspects of site development. We perform rawland site walks to structural modification drawings and all services in between.  

Airosmith Engineering services include:

  • Lease exhibits

  • Zoning drawings

  • Construction drawings

  • RF Engineering 

  • RF EME studies


  • Structural analysis / design

  • Rigging plans

  • Fall zone letters

  • Structure mappings

  • Geo-technical investigations

  • Inspections / Audits 

Technical Field Services include:

  • Tower and shelter maintenance

  • TIA Tower mapping and inspections

  • Mount mapping

  • Antenna installations

  • Field Services

  • CBRS/CBSD - CPI testing

  • RF testing

  • Construction management

Fiber Network Design & Permitting Services

Fiber Network Design & Permitting Services

Our team of experienced professionals utilize cutting edge technology and know how to manage joint use processes for both the pole owners, and 3rd party attachers.  A complete make ready solution. Our team has successfully secured several hundreds of miles of DOT permitting for fiber installations. At Airosmith Development, we focus to improve accuracy and efficiencies, while meeting deadlines and easing the burden on in-house work forces.

Outside Plant Solutions:

  • 3rd party attachment application processing

  • Field survey and data collection

  • Make ready engineering

  • Outside plant engineering

  • Completion audits

  • Asset management

  • Fiber mapping 

  • Utility pole mapping and audits

  • Project Management

  • Title Analysis

  • Easements and Negotiations

  • DOT Permitting-including PE Stamped or in-house GIS Drawings

  • Railroad Permits

  • Survey Stamped Drawings

  • Surveys (traditional, LIDAR, drone)

Easements and Permitting:

Construction Management

Construction Management

Airosmith provides a comprehensive approach to overseeing construction projects from start to finish. With a focus on budget, timeline, and quality control, our team ensures that your project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction. Trust us to manage your construction project with expertise and professionalism.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

EV, Solar, and Battery Storage Infrastructure

Pre-Construction Services:

  • Site Identification

  • Leasing 

  • Validation and Design 

  • Design and Permitting

  • Funding Application Support 

Construction Services:

  • Site Construction Management  

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